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Business Law Calendar

January 21-25Introduction
Distribute books
Notes Chapter 1
Continue 1.1 notes

Activity: List the five sources of law and give a brief explination of each
Notes 1.2
Notes. 1.2
Chapter vocabulary builder
Apply and debate
January 28-
February 1
Test on Chapter 1Introduction to 2.1
Snowball activity
2.1 notes2,2 notesNotes 2.2
Content links activity (?)
February 4-
February 8
Review of Chapter 2
Apply and Debate
Chapter 2 TestIntroduction to torts
3.1 notes
3.1 Review
3.2 Notes
Negligence/liability newspaper homework assignment
Find a partent and pair up review someone elses newspaper article
Share partners article
Chapter 3 end of chapter questions
February 11-
February 15
Review of Chapter 3Chapter 3 TestIntroduction 4.1 - Lesson on characteristics of a contract Notes 4.2
February 18-
February 22
Review of Chapter 4Work day to finish Chapter 4 assignmentsChapter 4 Test
Late Start
Notes on Chapter 5Districe In-Service
February 25-March 15.1 Notes and discussion5.2 notes on ownDiscussion on 5.2Work day for chapter work
P/t 3:30-7:30
No School
P/T 8-10
March 4-March 8Review Chapter 5Test on Chapter 5Chp 6.1 (Ending a Contract) Notes
Impossibility to Perf. Activity
Chp 6.1 (Transferring a Contract) NotesChp 6.2 (Voidable Contract & Remedies)
Assign Breach of Contract Aerticle Report
March 11-March 15Breach of Contract Article Discussion
Chp 6 Apply & Debate
Landmark Case Study ProjectLandmark Case Study ProjectChp 6 Assignment Work DayChp 6 Test
March 18-March 22Assign Contract Children's BookContract Children's Book Work DayLate Start
Contract Children's Book Work Day
Contract Children's Book Work DayEarly Release
Contract Children's Book Due End of Class Period
March 25-March 29Runaway Jury Video
Gun Control Article
Article Discussion
Runaway Jury Video
Runaway Jurty VideoRunaway Jury Video & Closing ActivitySpring Break
April 8-April 12Intro Consumer Law Unit
7.1 (Sales Contracts) Notes
Case Study: Lohman v Wagner7.2 (Consumer Protection) Notes
Warranty Actv.
Chp 7 Apply & Debate
Case Study: Princess Cruises v General Elec.
Chp 7 Assign Work Day
April 15-April 19NO SCHOOL - Emergency Day
Chp 8 Intro
8.1 (Types of Property) Notes
Late Start
C/C Copyright, Patent & TM
Case Study: Vigil v Walt Disney Co.
Copyright/TM Violation Article
Early Release
Article Discussion
April 22-April 268.2 (Bailments) Notes
Case Study: Rich v. RAM Products Inc
Chp 8 Assignment Work DayIntro Chp 9
9.1 (Rental Agreements) Notes
Rental Property Lesson9.2 (Buying A Home) Notes
Case Study: Kelo v City of New London CT
April 29-May 3Homeowners LessonChp 9 Assignment Work DayLandmark Case Study ProjectLandmark Case Study ProjectLandmark Case Study Presentations
May 6-May 10Consumer Law Unit ReviewConsumer Law Unit TestIntro Money and the Law Unit
10.1 (Negotiable Instruments) Notes
Indorsement Practice
Case Study: National Credit Union v First National Bank
Chp 10 Apply & Debate
11.1 (Understanding Credit) Notes
Case Study: Fifth Third Bank/Visa v Gilbert
May 13-May 1711.2 (Credit & You) Notes
Student Loan Actv.
Chp 11 Apply & Debate
12.1 (Credit Protection Laws) Notes
Late Start
Credit Protection Actv.
12.2 (Bankruptcy Laws)Notes
C/C Bankruptcy Actv.
Chp 12 Apply & Debate
Money & the Law Article
May 21-May 24Article Discussion
Money and the Law Unit Assignment Work Day
Money and the Law Unit ReviewMoney and the Law Unit TestMock Trial IntroEarly Release
Mock Trial Prep
May 27-May 31NO SCHOOLMock Trial PrepMock Trial PrepMock Trial PrepMock Trial Prep
June 3- June 7Mock Trial PrepSemester Exams 1-2-3Semester Exams 4-5-6Semester Exams 7-8